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Box Springs and Bases

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Box Springs and Bases

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Box Springs and Bases

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Box Springs and Bases

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Key Design Elements

Temperature Regulation

PCM Cooling Fabric

The mattress covering is made of phase change material (PCM) that gives you an initial cooling sensation to help you fall asleep faster. Combined with the breathable under-layers of the Back Performance mattress, the cool ticking ensures a comfortable night’s sleep from start to finish.

Silk, Wool & Cashmere Blend

Silk, wool and cashmere naturally regulate temperature and wick away moisture. We add the perfect blend of these three natural fibers to the quilt to keep you comfortable, cool and dry.


800 High Density Pocket Spring

800 pocketed coils, made from tempered recycled railroad steel, are encased in foam to provide optimal conformability and support while minimizing motion transfer.

Latex Lumbar Support

14 ILD plush latex lumbar support provides extra support where you need it most: the center third of your body.

Pressure Relief

Cooling Gel Quilting Foam

The introduction of gel to plush quilting foam adds pressure relief and more airflow throughout the mattress.

High Density Support Foam

High-density foam creates a firm sleeping surface and provides more support than standard foam. Better pressure relief allows you to more easily enter deep sleep for a great night’s rest.

Convoluted Foam

Super-soft, pressure-relieving convoluted foam is made with ridges to alleviate aches and pains. It molds to the contours of your body, providing just the right amount of support where you need it most.


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